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Optimised Global Deployment

Faster TTFB by bringing the server closer to the customer

  • Auckland (NZ)
  • Sydney (AUS)
  • Amsterdam (NL)
  • Beijing (CN)
  • Silicon Valley (USA)
  • New Jersey (USA)
  • Singapore (SP)
  • Tokyo (JP)
Animated World Map

Automated Backups

Availability is important for people to be able to find you. With our automatic backups and failover infrastructure we can guarantee 99.9% uptime without any loss of data.

We backup your data 3x times before we offload it to our high availability network. First the main server creates a local backup, then the server image is transferred to the cloud and then we have a backup running on an automated failover server.


Data Security

Multiple web application firewalls (WAFs) protect your data real-time. Automatic updates make sure your stack is running the latest software, with our free SSL certificate your data is transferred behind a 256-bits encryption and the server will decrypt all enciphered data.

Built for core speed

We're performance savvy, we focus on the ultimate user experience

We exclusively build LEMP stacks with NGINX and Redis cache to deliver a stable solution that is lightning fast. Simplicity is at the core of all we do trying to be as lightweight as possible. Core optimisation meaning less plugins and drag on your website.