MV Modern Express

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Rope Access
Rope Access Support for salvaging operations by Smit Salvage

Bilbao, Spain

After spending nearly six days listing and adrift in the Bay of Biscay, threatening to run aground along the French coast, the 164-meter Modern Express was towed into the port of Bilbao.

The amazing race to save the Modern Express began on January 26th, 2016 when British authorities picked up a distress call from the roll-on/roll-off cargo ship after it had lost stability in heavy seas in the western Bay of Biscay.

The ship, sailing from Gabon to Le Havre, France with 3,600 tons of wood and heavy construction equipment, was listed by about 40 degrees and in danger of capsizing further, requiring the evacuation of all 22 crew members.

Strongeyed provided Rope Access suppport to achieve a safe access method and first intervention on the vessel.




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